Here are 12 organizations that we have had the honor of supporting over the years. They are well established in providing humanitarian efforts world wide. They also have the capacity to accept your help easily online... PLEASE Check it out! PhotobucketPhotobucket


Covenant House’s Vision to Help Homeless Kids

Each year, in the US alone, as many as 2 million youth experience a period of homelessness, and every year over 5,000 of these young people lose their lives to the streets. Their hope and promise is lost forever unless they find someone – like Covenant House – to love and care for them.

Our job is to protect these rights... to fight for the rights of young people… to speak for those who have no voice of their own.

Crisis counseling and job training serves homeless children

Covenant House doesn’t forget about all the kids who are no longer here because no one cared – we hold their memory in our hearts while moving forward in our efforts to help all the scared and lonely kids who are still out there, waiting.

Homeless kids have rights. They have the right to a home… the right to food… the right to guidance and an education… the right to be free from sexual, emotional, or physical abuse… and to be free from exploitation. These kids have the right to be safe and – most importantly – to be loved.