Here are 12 organizations that we have had the honor of supporting over the years. They are well established in providing humanitarian efforts world wide. They also have the capacity to accept your help easily online... PLEASE Check it out! PhotobucketPhotobucket


About is an independent charitable organization devoted to improving the health and well-being of people, animals, and the planet. We achieve this by providing funding to other registered charitable organizations that focus on core areas including:

  • Alleviating and addressing the root causes of world hunger and food insecurity, and promoting peaceful co-existence;
  • Early detection and treatment of breast cancer and other widespread health concerns, particularly in women;
  • Preventing and treating childhood illness, disease and other children's health and well-being concerns;
  • Promoting children's literacy and education;
  • Protecting and restoring the environment;
  • and Providing care and feeding of rescued animals in shelters and sanctuaries and addressing the root causes of their conditions. grants funds generated through its Gifts That Give More™ program and the GreaterGood Network family of websites to the nonprofit partners and charities responsible for implementing and sustaining the programs described on the GreaterGood Network websites. also provides grants directly to worthwhile organizations dedicated to the welfare of the global community.

TOCO (They Often Cry Outreach)


They Often Cry Outreach (TOCO) is a 501(c)(3) U.S.-based not-for-profit organization founded by St. Lucian artist Taj Weekes and is dedicated to improving the lives of underprivileged, at-risk and orphaned children in the Caribbean through sports, health and enrichment programs.


Trench Town is a small area in the West Kingston ghetto enclave of Jamaica’s capital. Trench Town, like other ghetto areas, has been abandoned and avoided by both the public and private sectors of society. It has been isolated and threatened by the surrounding political and gang violence. THIS READING CENTRE IS A LITTLE HAVEN OF HOPE FOR A BETTER AND BRIGHTER FUTURE FOR THE KIDS.

For youths at risk..the TrenchTown Reading Centre offers a safe place where youths can learn skills... enjoy and express themselves through books, art and develop positive relationships and self-esteem.

PALAS (Peace and Love Academic Scholarship)

Greetings and welcome to the Peace and Love Academic Scholarship (PALAS). Your donation to PALAS is highly appreciated as we are a non-profit organization and all the funds donated will be used towards the many scholarships that will be awarded students who have achieved academic standings but can go no further because of financial reasons. The scholarship was initiated in response to the murder of a young lady in Jamaica, where the public decided not to let her memory vanish in vain... please view a brief interview with the director of PALAS, Rula Brown.


Hunger Facts

In many ways, America is the land of plenty. But for 1 in 6 people in the United States, hunger is a reality. Many people believe that the problems associated with hunger are confined to small pockets of society, certain areas of the country, or certain neighborhoods, but the reality is much different.

Right now, millions of Americans are struggling with hunger. These are often hard-working adults, children and seniors who simply cannot make ends meet and are forced to go without food for several meals, or even days.

It’s time to educate ourselves about the causes of hunger in America.


Our mission: to alleviate suffering, poverty and oppression by helping people build secure, productive and just communities

Since 1979, we have helped people grappling with the toughest hardships survive — and then thrive. That’s the heart of our approach: we help communities turn crisis into opportunity.

Throughout its history, Mercy Corps has demonstrat
ed innovation, timeliness and the ability to adapt quickly to changing realities.


Covenant House’s Vision to Help Homeless Kids

Each year, in the US alone, as many as 2 million youth experience a period of homelessness, and every year over 5,000 of these young people lose their lives to the streets. Their hope and promise is lost forever unless they find someone – like Covenant House – to love and care for them.

Our job is to protect these rights... to fight for the rights of young people… to speak for those who have no voice of their own.

Crisis counseling and job training serves homeless children

Covenant House doesn’t forget about all the kids who are no longer here because no one cared – we hold their memory in our hearts while moving forward in our efforts to help all the scared and lonely kids who are still out there, waiting.

Homeless kids have rights. They have the right to a home… the right to food… the right to guidance and an education… the right to be free from sexual, emotional, or physical abuse… and to be free from exploitation. These kids have the right to be safe and – most importantly – to be loved.


We partner with people through business and community development to break the cycle of poverty.


A Canadian based organization that also has a "gifts" program called "OXFAM UNWRAPPED"

Oxfam Canada works with partner organizations in developing countries; tackling the root causes of poverty and inequity and helping people to create self-reliant and sustainable communities.

How Oxfam Unwrapped works:

Oxfam Canada works to find lasting solutions to poverty in more than 20 countries in Africa, Asia and the Americas, and the gifts in this catalogue help us achieve that work. Your Oxfam Unwrapped gift will help people living in poverty gain greater levels of self-sufficiency and control over their lives and the future of their communities.

Simply put:
  • You select an item.
  • A card is delivered to your friend, family, client or colleague.
  • The gift goes to those who need it most.
  • You will get an e-receipt, and an email confirming your gift.
  • You will get an e-receipt, and an email confirming your gift.


A very fun way of making a difference, by providing gifts for a varying budget. GIFTS OF HOPE. You just have to go straight to this sight to check it out!

Gifts of Hope are actual items needed by the communities where we work. Your donation will be matched to a project that includes the item that you selected.


Malaria No More is determined to end malaria deaths in Africa by 2015.

Malaria is a preventable and treatable disease and recent progress shows that malaria's days are numbered — but we need your help. Together, we can make malaria no more.

A child dies from Malaria every minute — but you can help change that.

The World Health Organization's 2011 World Malaria Report showed incredible progress in the fight against malaria. Thanks to the hard work of African governments, international partners, NGOs like Malaria No More, community health workers, doctors, volunteers, moms & dads and supporters like YOU, malaria deaths were reduced by more than 25% since 2000. While we celebrate this progress, there's still much more work to do.


Nearly 1 billion people suffer needlessly without access to safe water. We're changing this - one village at a time. Help us build wells, provide water, and unlock potential.

The dirty water they do have makes them sick. It robs children of hope. But it doesn't have to be that way.

We know that access to clean, safe water changes lives.

We know that when a well is installed for a village, girls return to school. Women begin small businesses. Men are no longer too sick to work. Fields are watered and food supply becomes more reliable. Health returns and children grow up to be productive members of their community. The cycle of poverty is broken. Lives change.

Access to clean, safe water isn't an end, it's a means.

"When water comes...everything changes." That's what our driver told us as we drove from town to town on our first trip to Kenya. Today, we see that change - and want share it with you - every time a new well is installed. Join us.

Girl at new well in Sierra Leone